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I am getting an issue with the DynamicWebTwain plug-in. A customer in UK found that they scan the image comes in cut in half and upside-down.

They are using IE11 (or newer), and also a HP Scanjet 5590 scanner, also scanning an A4 page which might factor in.

We are using the Dynamic Web TWAIN 10.1.1., running the plug-in with the most basic default code:

if (DWObject) {

if (DWObject.SourceCount > 0) {

var vDWTSource = document.getElementById("source");

if (vDWTSource) {

if (vDWTSource)






DWObject.IfAutomaticBorderDetection = false; // I added this to see if forcing it would help

DWObject.PageSize = 1; // I added this to see if forcing it to A4 would help



The scanners and computers I¡¯m using work just great, proper size and orientation. I also have set a scanner to A4 and that scans just fine.

Please let me know if you have any ideas on how to fix this.

Let me see whether you need any extra information.

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Can you please try the code below to see if it works with HP Scanjet 5590?


Because we don't set IfAutomaticBorderDetection and PageSize in our demo, and you mentioned that it works fine in our demo. So I suspect that the cause is due to these 2 settings.

Please let me know how it works.

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