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Right now we make use of the Dynamic Web TWAIN in one of our web apps for scanning contracts. Our paper contract is approx 12 x 20. It's a long document. We have ADF and multi-scan enabled in addition to setting maxImagesInBuffer to 100. When the contract is scanned only the last half of the document is displayed in the WebTwain plugin. Is there any setting in the API will make the plugin twain split the page into separate documents if the document is longer than a certain size?

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Hello phyliciajessel,

Unfortunately, we don't have a built-in API to make the plugin split the page into separate documents.

But there is a workaround I can think of:

1. Scan a document into the viewer. For example, the image is 1700px * 6600 px and you want to split it into 3 separate images (1700px * 2200 px).

2. Get the height and width of the scanned image.

DWObject.GetImageHeight(0); // returns 6600
DWObject.GetImageWidth(0); //returns 1700

3. Crop the image into 3 pieces and then load it back into the viewer.

DWObject.CropToClipboard(0, 0, 0, 1700, 2200);

DWObject.CropToClipboard(0, 0, 2200, 1700, 4400);

DWObject.CropToClipboard(0, 0, 4400, 1700, 6600);

4. Remove the first image.


Let me know if it works for you.

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