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I have installed Image Capture Suit Trial for a while, and after a month or two (a long delay in between) I didn't take care about the license expiration and now I'm developing with a expired license.

although my code seems to work perfectly in Firefox and Google Chrome, there is a problem when I run it in IE. the code depends on the OnBitmapChanged event of the Image Capture Suit and unfortunately the event is not recognized or working in the IE.

this is the description of the environment I'm coding in :
Image Capture Suit 9.1 Terial, IE 11, and my license has been expired, the code work with no flaw in Firefox and Chrome But not working in the IE because the OnBitmapChanged event is not recogonized and IE drops the following error:
SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method 'attachEvent'
File: dynamsoft.imagecapturesuite.initiate.js, Line: 202, Column: 17
in the developer tools console.

Note: in the API documentation there is a description for the OnBitmapChanged event,( ... hanged.htm) but when I tried to use this event I was not successful. later I found out that a "white list" of events can be used and this bugged me so I added the support for the event manually inside the dynamsoft.imagecapturesuite.initiate.js file which I upload a copy of that at the end of my post. this helped me to work around chrome and firefox fine but in IE it does not work and complains exactly at the line in which I've added the so-called support for the OnBitmapChanged. Other events work fine inside the IE though ( events in the white list).

This is the config I use for initializing the Dynamsoft :
(yes, with empty productKey)

var dyconf = {

and my scanning code is (when scan button is pressed ) :
var gimc = null;
var dow = null;
function do_scan() {
        gimc = new Dynamsoft.ImageCapture(dyconf);
        dow = this.gimc.getInstance();
        dow.BrokerProcessType = 1;
        dow.PixelType = 2;
        dow.IfFeederEnabled =true;
        dow.IfDuplexEnabled = true;
        dow.IfShowUI = false;

I go inside IE Developer console and call the callback function manually and things work as expected this obviously ( as code works fine in Firefox and Chrome ) means that the event does not get fired.

Could You Please Help Me With This Problem, and By the way I've read this KB item : ... +or+method and it does not help me, other demos which are accompanied with the Image Capture Suit installer are all working fine.

These Are My Questions :
-Why The Active X Object Does Not Support The OnBitmapChanged Event?
-Why This Event Is Not Added By Default Inside : dynamsoft.imagecapturesuite.initiate.js file ?
-Things Are Working With Empty productKey parameter, although it shows the Trial Product Dialog, Does this problem in a way roots back to the expired license issue?


Modified initializing script : ... nitiate.js

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Hi Ramtinova,

Thank you for contacting us.

It's a known problem for IE 11 with version 9.1, which is fixed in the new version.

For your issue, could you please uninstall v9.1, and try newest released ImageCapture Suite 9.3? Here is the download link for 30-day-free-trial ImageCapture Suite 9.3: ... omDownload

If the issue persists, feel free to contact me. :)


Dynamsoft Support Team
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