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Hello Dynamsoft,
I have integrated Image Capture Suite Trial with JSP such that I can store it in a repository.
DWObject.HTTPUploadAllThroughPostAsPDF( location.hostname, strAction, 'Documento.pdf' );
File fileToRecv = new File(application.getRealPath("/") + saveFile);
FileOutputStream fileOut = new FileOutputStream(fileToRecv); fileOut.write(dataBytes, posFileStreamBegin, fileSize);

But the problem occurs when I want to store it in the database (CLOB / BLOB field) from a JSP page or Servlet for my preference. Now I found an example in C # on your site but it has been difficult for me to implement it in Java.

The options that I have reviewed are SaveSelectedImagesTo base64Binary and LoadImageFromBase64Binary Method and receive as request.getParameter('RemoteFile')

I hope you can help me. Thanks

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Hi Richard,

Thanks for your post.

Dynamic Web TWAIN is a client side component which is controlled by HTML & Javascript. Actually, the server side processing has nothing to do with our control. And currently, we only have the C# sample to scan and upload images to a Microsoft SQL Server database.

I'd like to help you out in this regard, but I'm not familier with JSP. Sorry about it. However, I did my own research and found this related articles: ... -using-jsp ... P-Programe

Hope they will help!

Dynamsoft Support Team
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